This site aims to provide access to information, to assist stakeholders in understanding differences in terminology and approaches, and to build trust regarding the broad set of documentation relevant to United States biomass-based production.

Our goal is to provide referenceable and reliable information as requested by the research and development community working to support more sustainable bioenergy via voluntary standards and a variety of public-private partnerships. We also provide information, where available, on relevant requirements covered by laws and regulatory mechanisms in the United States for specific bioenergy production systems.


Site Objectives:

• Provide practical information about standards most relevant to United States economic development;

• Share examples of recent applications of standards that have been applied in the United States; and

• Share results of analyses regarding potential pros/cons (costs/benefits) of different approaches to sustainability assessment.

• Improve access to a variety of resources pertinent to evaluating and monitoring the sustainability of biomass, bioenergy, and the bioeconomy.


The Bioenergy Sustainability Tradeoffs Assessment Resource (BioSTAR) tool is being developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) with the support of the US Department of Energy’s BioEnergy Technologies Office (DOE BETO).

BioSTAR is designed to help stakeholders quantify and visualize the potential sustainability benefits and tradeoffs of cellulosic biomass production systems.


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Bioenergy Technologies Office

Advancing a thriving and sustainable bioeconomy fueled by innovative technologies.

The Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) is focused on early-stage research and development to support a thriving bioenergy industry that protects natural resources and advances environmental and economic benefits.

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