WATER (Water Analysis Tool for Energy Resources)


WATER is a spatial-explicit online tool that assesses water resource use and water quality across the fuel production stages by quantifying water footprint of fuels through feedstock production to conversion process. It is an interactive and visual tool that provides analysis of water consumption and its impact on water quality at county, state, and regional resolutions. The model currently contains biofuels produced from corn grain, corn stover, soybean, wheat straw, switchgrass, miscanthus, and forest wood via biochemical and thermochemical conversion processes under historical and future scenarios for the United States. WATER adopts a water footprint methodology and contains extensive climate, land use, water use data. The model provides estimate of blue, green, and grey water in various production stages for a production pathway in a given location. Outputs of the model allow comparison and identify water sustainable production scenarios. WATER is developed to support decision makers and policy makers to address water sustainability issues associated with the bioenergy development.

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