Benefits of the KDF

The Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework (KDF) is an online collaboration toolkit and data resource that provides access to the latest bioenergy research. In the KDF, users can search the Bioenergy Library to find data sets, publications, and models on a wide variety of bioenergy topics; use the Map interface to visualize, analyze, download, and export geospatial data; and browse the site’s collection of specialized Tools & Apps, which can also be launched on the map. Visitors of the KDF are encouraged to become registered users to acquire access to additional benefits, including the ability to contribute files and data sets, customize information online, and exchange knowledge with others.

Bioenergy—Reshaping American Energy

The creation of a robust, advanced, domestic bioenergy industry is an important pathway for providing Americans with sustainable, renewable energy alternatives. Imagine, for example, a transportation fuel made from an energy crop that can grow on marginal lands unsuitable for producing food, or even from municipal waste or algae. Such fuels could go directly into your car's gas tank, warm your house, or help power an airplane. With further research and development to produce these fuels sustainably and affordably, the bioenergy industry can provide home-grown alternatives for a transportation sector that is heavily dependent on oil. Through our efforts to replace the whole barrel of oil, the biomass industry is helping the United States move toward a more secure, sustainable, and economically sound future.